The Sausalito Landscape Beautification Initiative began in July 2013, when longtime resident Shelby Van Meter and several friends approached the City Council about the need for addressing long-deferred care and maintenance of Sausalito’s public landscapes. City staff quickly responded with a number of positive changes, and a mood of optimism began to grow.

Soon afterward, a Beautification Study Group was formed to research other cities’ programs and to identify Sausalito sites most clearly in need of restoration. The Study Group identified three high-visibility locations: the landscape surrounding the Sausalito Civic Center, Caledonia Street, and the Bridgeway corridor. In June, 2014, the City Council earmarked $30,000 to be applied to these projects. The Council subsequently named Beautification the City’s Top Project Priority.

In April 2014, a Planning Team began laying the groundwork for a new nonprofit organization called Sausalito Beautiful, which would be dedicated to the improvement and ongoing care of Sausalito’s public landscapes. Sausalito Beautiful was launched as a not-for-profit organization in January 2015. We are proud to follow in the tradition of other local organizations whose missions have included beautification of this extraordinary place.

With donations from community members, numerous landscape improvements have been made since the initiative began, and many more are in the planning and development phases. A hearty thank you to all who have contributed and encouraged us thus far. We need your continued support.

Members of our 2017 Board of Directors, from left: Carolyn Revelle, Maureen McCoy, Dennis Scremin, Shelby Van Meter, Lisa Fredericks, Bill Hynes, Fay Mark, Cathy Stierhoff, Flynn McDonald, and Michael Henry.  Missing in photo: Jennifer Cassidy.

“The keys to ensuring that Sausalito enjoys beautiful landscapes are proactive leadership and a shared belief that change must happen. Thank you, City of Sausalito! Stay the course, Sausalito Beautiful!”