We believe there is nothing more empowering than knowledge.  You can see this most clearly in children, who upon learning some small scientific fact, light up with excitement and can hardly contain their desire to relate their new-found understanding to the world.  But as we get older it is all too easy to let the blur of our busy schedules blind us to the infinite wonder of the natural world.  In our experience, one of the best ways to slow down and reconnect with the natural world is by getting some soil on your hands and learning about plants and their relationship with the climate.  And as our knowledge grows, it enriches our daily experience by raising our awareness of and connection to the small things that we once rushed by.

Beginning in March of 2017, Sausalito Beautiful, together with the University of California Cooperative Extension Marin Master Gardeners and the City of Sausalito, will be hosting a series of seminars focused on horticulture specific to Sausalito’s climate.  It is our hope that by sharing the horticultural and environmental knowledge of experts like Gary Bartl, a Marin Master Gardener who will lead the inaugural event, we can strengthen the culture of shared responsibility for our public and private landscapes and environment.