Caledonia Street Landscape Improvements

The sidewalk planters located on the south end of Caledonia Street in front of Sausalito Optometry, along the front of the Fire Station and towards the back of the Police Station contain drought tolerant, regionally appropriate plants that are well suited to our Mediterranean climate.

These planters were professionally designed by Shades of Green in Sausalito and demonstrate how sustainable, resilient perennial gardens can be beautiful, colorful and attractive throughout the year.

Have you seen a plant that you like in one of the planters but didn’t know its name?  The list below will help.  In fact, you can print the list and take it with you on your next walk to Caledonia to learn important information about the plant you like; its botanical name, its common name, whether it’s deciduous or evergreen, the color of its bloom and its mature size.

Seeing the collection of plants in each uniquely shaped planter will help you to see the size and color of the bloom, the texture, shape and color of the leaves, and how the individual plants look when combined.  You may decide to introduce some of these plants into your own garden, and you will know what to ask for at the nursery.

Important to remember is that in our area where clay soil dominates, most plants prefer well-drained soil.   Amending the soil before you purchase plants will greatly increase their ability to survive, bringing you joy for years.

Caledonia Planting Plan – Printable Version

Caledonia Plantings 1Caledonia Plantings 2