Civic Center Landscape Improvement

The Sausalito Civic Center, a historic building fronting Caledonia Street, is the single most important symbol of the City’s health and vibrancy. Thousands of residents use the Civic Center each month – whether visiting the library, attending meetings, taking classes, or doing research.

In 2014, Sausalito Beautiful initiated a Civic Center landscape renovation plan by inviting SWA, a leading international landscape architecture, planning, and urban design firm, to create a landscape-improvement plan. Under the leadership of SWA’s Managing Principal, John Wong, a team of designers created an affordable plan that retains much of the existing landscape. The comprehensive concept, graciously provided pro bono, includes plants, trees, lighting, signage, benches, planting pots, and fencing.

Full funding was approved by the City Council in June 2016, with design development taking place in FY 2016-2017.

Civic Center Illustrative Landscape Plan

Civic Center Illustrative Landscape Plan